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Marshall Vintage Modern 425A

Item Code: 105

SUMMARY FOR Marshall Vintage Modern 425A : If you're looking for the perfect marriage of classic, vintage rock tones with modern features, your search is over. The Marshall Vintage Modern 425A angled cab and 425B straight guitar speaker extension cabinets are traditional Marshall 4 x 12 speaker cabs in design. These cabs are mono/stereo switchable and are loaded with G12C 25 Watt Celestion Greenbacks. These were specifically developed for the Limited Edition Jimi Hendrix Super100JH stack and are voiced to give that rich and balanced harmonic timbre that complements vintage tone and the Vintage Modern Series perfectly. The cosmetics are also a carefully crafted hybrid of old and new styles — made even more dramatic by the deep purple vinyl that covers the entire series. FEATURES 100W, 4x12" cabinet Angled front Loaded with Celestion G12C 25 Greenbacks Mono or Stereo switchable 16 Ohms/4 Ohms mono 8 Ohms stereo Birch ply construction "Finger-locking" joints SPECIFICATIONS Vintage Modern 425A or 425B 4x12 Extension Speaker Cabinet Impedance Mono — 16 Ohms/4 Ohms Stereo — 8 Ohms/8 Ohms Dimensions — 30.5" x 30" x 14.5" (770 x 755 x 365 mm) Weight 425A: 79 lb. (36 kg) 425B: 81.5 lb. (37 kg)
Regular: $999.99
Sale Price: $840.00
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